We will invest in a diverse
community of health care
professionals dedicated to lifelong
learning and the advancement
of visual health.
Launch the Explore Initiative, a
marketing initiative that will promote
the profession and College to
pre-optometry, undecided and
high school students.
Engage career counselors and
academic advisors in the recruitment
of optometry students.
Enhance recruitment efforts with
colleges and universities in
high-yield states.
Increase the number of inquiries and
applicants from residents of New
York, particularly upstate New York.
Increase the IDEA project’s ability to
attract and retain minority students.
Make “leadership potential” and
“commitment to public service”
explicit criteria for admission to the
professional program.
Continue to develop the CSTEP
Facilitate entering students’ transition
into housing by providing up-to-date
information on housing options,
search strategies and neighborhoods.
Maintain tuition and fees competitive
with other schools and colleges
of optometry.
Enroll a highly qualified and diverse student body:
Goals 9, 10 and 11 are linked to the following Power of SUNY
SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century
SUNY and the Vibrant Community
SUNY and the Seamless Education Pipeline
* The Power of SUNY is the State University of New York’s systemwide strategic plan.
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