A Message from the President
The State University of New York College of Optometry is committed
to the principles of strategic planning and assessment in the
development of its organizational priorities and allocation of
resources. The institution’s strategic plan is informed by internal
and external trends and guided by a core set of values: excellence,
leadership, inquiry, innovation, professionalism and service.
Consistently developing and implementing new and better
strategies to achieve goals is a hallmark for any progressive
organization. But rarely has the need to be creative and resourceful
been as critical as it is in the health care and higher education
communities today.
With health care reform upon us, institutions like ours must
be nimble in pioneering new approaches to education, patient
care and research to produce the next generation of health care
leadership. We must continue to provide the highest quality care
to our community and advance vision care through an ongoing and
determined commitment to basic and clinical vision research.
This five-year strategic plan—produced out of an extensive
collaboration between the SUNY College of Optometry’s
administration, faculty, students and staff—is designed to
guide our institution through this challenging moment in history.
It will help us continue to lead and innovate as educators in
optometry and the vision sciences as well as health care
providers to our community.
The values, mission and goals in this plan represent the SUNY
College of Optometry’s firm and long-standing commitment
to excel at what we do and our determined pursuit of quality
improvement every step of the way.
David A. Heath, OD, EdM
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