We commit to excellence in everything we do; we
are dedicated to providing a premier education
for our students, superb evidence-based care to
our patients and outstanding basic vision and
clinical research that enhances understanding
and improves lives.
We cultivate leaders and scholars in education,
research and health care.
We inspire a passion for lifelong learning in
students, faculty and staff contributing to the
advancement of the quality of life. We promote
discovery and understanding through basic,
translational and clinical research.
We support an environment that promotes
innovation and creativity in optometric
education, health care and research.
We conduct ourselves with integrity and civility
to build the trust required to foster long-term
relationships within our community and with our
patients. Professionalism defines the character
of the entire College community and is reflected
in our respect for the needs and values of
one another.
Service to Diverse Communities
We are committed to serving all individuals with
compassion, respect and appreciation for their
unique cultural insights and needs. We celebrate
diversity in our College community, accepting our
differences and treating everyone with dignity
and respect. The College is committed to making
its programs broadly accessible to
all populations.
Our community shares these values:
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