Redefine core clinical competencies
and expected clinical experiences
and use these to develop clinical
schedules and individualized student
portfolios that will allow every student
to achieve each of the competencies
while offering opportunities for
developing special interests.
Increase the emphasis on evidence-
based medicine, particularly in
Integrative Seminar.
Highlight research colloquia for
students and faculty that feature
both internal and external speakers
with emphasis on translational
and clinical topics relating to
evidence-based practice.
Place greater emphasis on inter-
professionalism, providing additional
opportunities for faculty, students
and residents to improve skills in
providing interdisciplinary, team-
based patient care and use of
auxiliary personnel.
Increase opportunities for fourth-year
rotations, including more upstate and
international rotations.
Increase the ability of students to
assess and use new technologies.
Provide innovative and cost-effective
residency programs, including
combined graduate degree/residency
programs and opportunities for
involvement with clinical research.
Expand and diversify Continuing
Professional Education programs,
including synchronous and
asynchronous online webinars.
Provide Continuing Professional
Education programs in countries
other than the United States.
Deliver competency-based clinical training that is
founded upon evidence-based practice and anticipates
future practice trends:
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