we will create the next
generation of researchers and
continue to be a global leader
in vision science and clinical
vision research.
Recruit new research faculty members
whose interests are synergistic with
the College’s existing research and
clinical strengths.
Establish new research collaborations
specifically through the SUNY Eye
Institute and the New York City
vision science community that lead
to additional funded research and
opportunities to attract and cross-
train high-quality graduate students.
Offer credit-bearing graduate courses
in vision science that attract students
who are studying eye/vision-related
issues in other disciplines at SUNY
and/or New York City institutions.
Explore and develop alternative
funding strategies to expand research
programs, including fundraising,
foundations and industry grants.
Obtain extramural (e.g., T32) funding
to support doctoral students and
post-doctoral fellows.
Create a regular internal review and
evaluation process for intramural
awards that fund pilot projects to
develop funding opportunities for
collaborative translational research
or research training.
Increase faculty interactions and
collegiality through implementation
of faculty SIGs.
Enhance the College’s intellectual impact by developing
new areas of research that are synergistic with the College’s
existing research and clinical strengths and provide
opportunities for collaborations and translational projects:
Areas of identified need in research (basic science, clinical or translational) include optics, epidemiology/statistics, computer-
assisted visual aids, ocular physiology/pharmacology (including molecular biology and genetics) and extrastriate cortex.
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