Heighten optometry students’
awareness of
- Career opportunities in research;
- The importance of research for the
profession and the value that the
College places on research; and
- Funding mechanisms that
are available to support
research training.
Review all graduate programs using
experienced external advisors
and develop and implement
recommendations for improvements.
Redesign the OD-MS program to
provide the necessary training, skills
and career development support to
increase the number of graduates
obtaining research positions in
academia or industry or continuing on
to a PhD program.
Establish combined graduate degree/
residency programs.
Develop a track that allows OD-MS
students and qualified optometrists to
receive a PhD in as little as three years.
Obtain an institutional “K” award to
support optometrists who enroll in
the PhD program.
Strengthen and expand programs that train
clinician scientists:
Goals 3 and 4 are linked to the following Power of SUNY
SUNY and the Entrepreneurial Century
SUNY and a Healthier New York
SUNY and the World
* The Power of SUNY is the State University of New York’s systemwide strategic plan.
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