Student Affairs and International Programs

The Student Affairs and International Programs division of the College complements its academic and professional missions with the enhancement of student learning and professional development being the primary goal of its programs and services. It is responsible for student recruitment and admissions, financial aid, student registration and records, personal and academic counseling, international programs and a wide range of various student activities and initiatives.

Student Affairs and International Programs further serves as a center of advocacy for students in all areas of student life, both inside and outside of the academic and clinical curriculum. Additional resources available to students from SAIP include career planning and placement, student leadership opportunities, involvement in organized optometry and housing referrals.    

Administrative officers within this division include the vice president for student affairs, the director of admissions and marketing, the registrar and the director of financial aid.

They can be reached by calling 800-291-3937

The Office of Student Affairs and International Programs administers the following functions at the College:

  • Admissions
  • Orientation
  • Records and Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Student Services
  • Student Housing Assistance
  • Academic and Personal Counseling
  • Student Advocacy and Personal Assistance
  • Student Leadership Development
  • Career Planning and Placement
  • Individual and Group Tutoring
  • Minority Recruitment and Retention
  • Graduate Admissions
  • International Programs

Vice President for Student Affairs and International Programs

A member of the President’s Council, the vice presdient for student affairs and international programs directs current and long-range planning and oversees all of the activities and services provided by Students Affairs and International Programs at the SUNY College of Optometry. The vice president works with current students and staff in an ongoing process to evaluate the student experience at the College and maintains an open door policy to assure that students receive the time and attention necessary to address their individual needs and concerns. Both the Admissions Committee and the Committee on Scholarships report to the vice president. The vice president also acts as the advisor to the Student Council and to other student organizations.

Dr. Jeffrey Philpott
Vice President for Student Affairs
Phone: (212) 938-5506

Director of Admissions and Marketing

The director of admissions and marketing is responsible for the overarching recruitment plan that is designed to bring the SUNY College of Optometry a highly qualified and diverse student body, including students with high leadership potential, students from diverse backgrounds and international students. The director of admissions and marketing is a member of the Admissions Committee responsible for pre-screening, interviewing and selecting qualified candidates. 

Dr. Gui Albieri
Director of Admission and Marketing
Phone: (212) 938-5508


The registrar is responsible for maintaining all student records and files, including grades and transcripts, as well as producing College and governmental reports related to the student census. All requests for grades and transcripts, once approved by the student, are under the registrar's confidential control for dissemination as approved. Working with the department chairs and the vice president for academic affairs, the registrar develops the schedule of course offerings and creates the college calendar. All classroom reservations must be approved by the registrar. The registrar is an ad hoc member of the Curriculum Committee and the Committee on Course and Standing.

Ms. Jacqueline Martinez
Phone: (212) 938-5509

Director of Financial Aid

Responsible for advising and assisting students who seek financial aid, including loans, scholarship, grants and Federal Work Study.  The director of financial aid provides  students with all necessary information and forms to apply for and receive financial aid and, in turn, submits all appropriate information  to lending institutions and governmental agencies. The director also maintains student financial data, reporting it as required by the College, as well as by state and federal agencies. The director of financial aid is an ad hoc member of the Committee on Scholarships and assists that committee in developing guidelines for the distribution of awards.

Mr. Vito Cavallaro
Director of Financial Aid
Phone: (212) 938-5507

Additional SAIP staff members include:

Mr. Francisco Lucio
Director of Career Development and Minority Enrichment
Phone: (212) 938-5505

Mr. Christian Alberto
Assistant Director of Admissions
Phone: (212) 938-5673

Ms. Sarah Didier
Staff Assistant
Phone: (212) 938-5503