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To the College Community;

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I am able to announce that by April 30, 2012, the third floor section of our Center for Student Life and Learning will be substantially completed and ready for limited occupancy.  The third floor includes common space with expansive views of Bryant Park, a game room, and TV lounge.  Also, included are student lockers, offices for student organizations, a kitchenette and an area for vending machines.   For the first few weeks, we will be using the furniture from the second floor, but new furnishings should be arriving shortly. 

It is our vision, that the new student center will serve as the heart of the institution, drawing all members of the community and creating a sense of place.  It is a truly beautiful space which everyone will enjoy.  

his represents only the first phase of our renovations of the lower four floors (lobby, 2, 3 and 3M), but gives an indication of wonderful things to come.  We anticipate the new fitness center, located on 3M, will be available by the start of classes in the fall.  Construction on the 2nd floor will begin immediately, with completion anticipated in mid-February 2013.  The second floor will contain additional lounge space, a large seminar room, small group learning/meeting rooms and a new procedures laboratory (to supplement the lab on 14).  When the second floor is complete, we will begin our ground floor renovations.

t is important to keep in mind that with the kind of phasing we are using to maximize access, that there will be limitations and inconveniences.  Every effort will be made to limit disruptions and the project leadership team will try to maximize communications as we make these moves.

I would very much like to acknowledge those who have made this effort a reality, in particular the leadership of David Bowers - VP for Administration & Finance, Sudeep Lamichhane - Capital Projects Manager, and Frank Orehek, Director of Management Services/Chief of Police.   Clearly many others including faculty, staff and administration contributed mightily to the success of phase 1 and all deserve our thanks.  

David A. Heath, O.D., Ed.M.

3rd floor and 3M Progress

3rd Floor New Bathroom

3rd Floor student center

3rd Floor Student Center Ceiling

3rd Floor New Pantry/Kitchen
3M Fitness Center