CLAY: Contact Lens Risk Assessment in Youth

Observation of Risks Associate with Contact Lenses

(Currently Enrolling)

Why we are doing this study:
We are trying to better understand why some people get “red eyes” or eye infections.

Who can be in the study:

  • Patients 12 to 33 years of age.

We are looking for healthy soft contact lens wearers and those who have a doctor diagnosis of a corneal inflammatory event (white blood cells in the cornea). 

What the study involves:
There is only one visit that should take less than one hour. During the visit we will:

  • Ask you questions about your general and eye health, and how you wear and care for your contact lenses
  • Ask you to sign a release of your optometry records so that we can find out more about your eye and vision health
  • Conduct an examination of the front surface of your eye
  • Some patients will have cultures of their eyes, contact lens and lens case done

Will you directly benefit from the study?
Being in this study won't directly benefit you but it will help us learn more about contact lens complications so we can better educate and care for future patients.

Other things you should know about the study:

  • Parental permission is required for minors (under age 18) to participate in this study, so a parent will need to be present during the visit.
  • You will receive $50 for your time to be in the study.

Principal Investigator: Kathryn Richdale, OD PhD
For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center.