Cosmetic Contact Lens Study

(Currently Enrolling)

Why we are doing this study:
This clinical study will evaluate the fit, cosmetic appearance, and acceptance of different soft colored contact lens designs.

Who can be in the study:
Asian females 18-40 years of age with a previous history of soft contact lens wear and who are in good health. 

What the study involves:
There is only one visit that will approximately 3 hours.  During this visit we will:

  • Check your vision
  • Evaluate the health of your eye 
  • Evaluate the fit and cosmetic appearance of different lens designs
  • Ask you to answer questions about the lenses

Will you directly benefit from the study?
You will not directly benefit from this study, however, you will help us learn more about colored contact lenses. 

Other things you should know about the study:
You will NOT be permitted to take the lens with you after the study.
You may receive up to $90 for your time in the study and $10 for transportation.

Principal Investigator: Kathryn Richdale, OD PhD
For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center.