Clinical Vision Research Center Office

The goals of the CVRC office are to streamline the process of government, foundation and industry sponsored clinical research by utilizing the CVRC as a single point of contact between sponsors and the SUNY College of Optometry.

All sponsored studies must go through the Office of Sponsored Programs for review.

To contact us, call (212) 938-4052 or email

CVRC Functions

  • To assess the feasibility of industry-, private- or federally-funded studies and determine the resources needed
  • To review proposed budgets/payment terms
  • To match sponsors with investigators who have the research experience and expertise to conduct their clinical research at SUNY College of Optometry
  • To utilize and oversee existing recruitment strategies and implement new, novel recruiting techniques in accordance with each study’s needs
  • To mentor new investigators and coordinators

The CVRC office serves as a convenient source of information about clinical research for faculty and staff, and serves as a referral guide to other clinical research resources available at the College. In addition, the CVRC office serves as a liaison to the internal and external IRBs and Office of Sponsored Programs and Grants Management.