Amblyopia Treatment with Computer Therapy

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Comparison of patching versus patching and active therapy with the Amblyopia Inet computer program

Why we are doing this study?:
We are trying to find out if using a computer training program, Amblyopia Inet, helps treat amblyopia (lazy eye) better than just patching alone. 

Who can be in the study?:
Patients age 8 to 30 who have amblyopia with best-corrected vision of 20/40 to 20/100 in the bad eye.  Patients who have never been treated can be in the study.

Specific screening questions will be asked before scheduling a study appointment.

What the study involves:
The study is for 4 months.  Two months you will be patching the good eye for 2 hours a day and for two months you will be patching the good eye and using the amblyopia Inet program for 1 hour a day. 

There are 8 visits, each will last about 30 minutes. During your visit, you will:

  • Have your vision checked
  • Have your contrast sensitivity (how well you see shades of grey versus black print) measured
  • Have your eye teaming skills assessed

All of the tests are similar to what you would have in a normal eye or vision therapy exam. There are no experimental or invasive treatments.

Will you directly benefit from the study?
You will receive an eye exam, eye patch, and the amblyopia Inet program free of charge. You will receive $20 for transportation. 

Other things you should know about the study:

  • Parental permission is required for minors (under age 18) to participate in this study, so a parent will need to be present during the first visit.
  • The participant will need to wear his/her glasses or contact lenses to the visits.

Principle Investigator: Jeffrey Cooper
For more information, contact the Clinical Vision Research Center.