Department of Biological and Vision Sciences

The Department of Biological and Vision Sciences oversees all didactic courses covering the basic sciences forming the foundation for optometry education. Courses include materials on system anatomy and physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology, ocular anatomy and physiology, immunology, pharmacology, ocular disease, optics and contact lenses, oculomotor and binocular vision, visual system development and visual perception.

All faculty conducting basic and translational research are also appointed to the Department of Biological and Vision Sciences. All faculty eligible for graduate faculty appointments are also appointed to the college’s Graduate Center for Vision Research, which administers the college’s MS and PhD programs and various research support programs.

Department Chair:
Suresh Viswanathan, PhD
Phone: (212) 938-5780
Fax: (212) 938-5794

Department Faculty:

Kathy Allen-Aquilante, OD, PhD      Assistant Clinical Professor

Jose-Manuel Alonso, MD, PhD       Professor

Benjamin Backus, PhD                    Associate Professor

Ann Beaton, PhD                               Associate Professor

Kenneth Ciuffreda, OD, PhD           Distinguished Teaching Professor

Robert Duckman, OD                       Professor

Mitchell Dul, OD                                 Professor

Ralph Gundel, OD                             Associate Professor

Philip Kruger, OD PhD                     Distinguished Teaching Professor

Robert McPeek, PhD                        Associate Professor

John Picarelli, PhD                           Associate Professor

Jordan Pola, PhD                             Distinguished Teaching Professor

Jerry Rapp, PhD                                Professor

Peter Reinach, PhD                         Distinguished Teaching Professor

Robert Sack, PhD                             Professor

Steven Schwartz, OD, PhD              Professor

Harold Sedgwick, PhD                    Associate Professor

Miduturu Srinivas, PhD                   Associate Professor

David Troilo, PhD                            Professor

Qasim Zaidi, PhD                           Distinguished Professor


Secondary Appointments:

Diane Adamczyk, OD                      Associate Professor

Jay Cohen, OD                                 Professor

Neil Falasca, OD                             Associate Clinical Professor

Nancy Kirsch, optician                    Assistant Clinical Professor

Steven Larson, OD, PsyD              Assistant Clinical Professor

David Libassi, OD                           Assistant Clinical Professor

Cristina Llerena Law, OD              Assistant Clinical Professor

Richard Madonna, OD                    Associate Professor

Patricia Modica, OD                        Assistant Professor

Scott Richter, OD                            Associate Professor

Terry Scheid, OD                            Associate Clinical Professor

Arnold Sherman, OD                      Associate Clinical Professor

Audra Steiner, OD                           Assistant Clinical Professor

Barry Tannen, OD                           Associate Clinical Professor


Adjunct Faculty:

Bruce Bogart, PhD                           Adjunct Professor

Victoria Harnik, PhD                        Adjunct Associate Professor

Kalman Rubinson, PhD                  Adjunct Associate Professor

William Warner, PhD                       Adjunct Associate Professor


Departmental Support Staff:

Darcy Cavanagh – Administrative Assistant
Robert Frezza – Administrative Assistant

Thomas Flagg, M.Phil. – Instructional Support Specialist

Sonal Sathe, MS – Instructional Support Associate