Clinical Education

The Department of Clinical Education oversees courses on pre-clinical optometric procedures, epidemiology, public health, practice management, the integrative seminar series, the third and fourth year clinical internships and the fourth year externships.

All faculty conducting clinical research are appointed to the Department of Clinical Education. All faculty eligible for graduate faculty appointments are also appointed to the college’s Graduate Center for Vision Research, which administers the college’s MS and PhD programs and various research support programs.

Department Chair:

Richard Madonna, OD

Phone: (212) 938-5816
Fax: (212) 938-5819


Department Faculty:

Diane Adamczyk, OD                         Associate Professor

Alexandra Benavante, PhD               Assistant Clinical Professor

Julia Appel, OD                                   Assistant Clinical Professor

Jeffery Cooper, OD                            Clinical Professor

Cristina Llerena Law, OD                 Assistant Clinical Professor

Richard Madonna, OD                      Associate Professor

Patricia Modica, OD                          Assistant Professor

Joan Portello, OD                              Associate Professor

Kathryn Richdale, OD PhD              Assistant Clinical Professor

Mark Rosenfield, BS(Optom), PhD   Professor

Susan Schuettenberg, OD                Associate Clinical Professor

Jerome Sherman, OD                       Distinguished Teaching Professor

Mordichai Soroka, PhD                     Associate Professor


Secondary Appointments:

Rosine Alianakian, OD                    Assistant Clinical Professor

Asima Barik, OD                               Assistant Clinical Professor

Amelia Bartolone, OD                      Associate Clinical Professor

Sherry Bass, OD                               Distinguished Teaching Professor

Tanya Carter, OD                              Assistant Clinical Professor

Ida Chung, OD                                  Associate Professor

Myong-Hee Han, OD                       Assistant Clinical Professor

Lloyd Haskes, OD                           Associate Clinical Professor

Neera Kapoor, OD                          Associate Clinical Professor

Kristopher Kile, OD                         Assistant Clinical Professor

Ira Krumholtz, OD                            Assistant Clinical Professor

David Krumholz, OD                       Associate Professor

Teresa Lowe, OD                            Assistant Clinical Professor

Rebecca Marinoff, OD                    Assistant Clinical Professor

Scott Morrison, OD                         Assistant Clinical Professor

Rochelle Mozlin, OD                       Associate Clinical Professor

Jennifer Nelson, OD                       Assistant Clinical Professor

Tracy Nguyen, OD, PhD                 Assistant Clinical Professor

Tam Ngo, OD                                   Assistant Clinical Professor

Stuart Rothman, OD                       Associate Clinical Professor

Hasassa Rutman, OD                   Assistant Clinical Professor

Daniella Rutner, OD                       Associate Clinical Professor

Arlene Schwartz, OD                      Associate Clinical Professor

Mark Sherstinsky, OD                    Assistant Clinical Professor

Jordan Skyer, OD                           Assistant Clinical Professor

Kim Staiman, OD                           Assistant Clinical Professor

André Stanberry, OD                     Assistant Clinical Professor

Marilyn Vricella, OD                       Assistant Clinical Professor

Andrea Yang, OD                           Assistant Clinical Professor

Kristine Zabala, OD                       Assistant Clinical Professor

Department Staff:

Hedy Hankins - Administrative Assistant
Melissa Adore - Secretary I