Department of Clinical Education

The Department of Clinical Education oversees courses on pre-clinical optometric procedures, epidemiology, public health, practice management, the integrative seminar series, the third and fourth year clinical internships and the fourth year externships.

All faculty conducting clinical research are appointed to the Department of Clinical Education. All faculty eligible for graduate faculty appointments are also appointed to the college’s Graduate Center for Vision Research, which administers the college’s MS and PhD programs and various research support programs.

Department Chair

Richard Madonna

Department Faculty

Julia Appel
Assoc. Clinical Professor

Alexandra Benavente-Perez
Assistant Clinical Prof.

Harriette Canellos
Assoc. Clinical Professor

Assistant Clinical Professor

Teresa Lowe
Assistant Clinical Prof.

Patricia Modica
Assistant Professor

Tracy Nguyen
Assistant Clinical Prof.

Joan Portello
Associate Professor

Susan Schuettenberg
Associate Clinical Prof.

Jerome Sherman
Disting. Teach. Professor

Mort Soroka