CE-NY: Continuing Education-New York

CE-NY is a collaborative effort between our office and the New York State Optometric Association. CE-NY events provide six hours of COPE and CE broker-approved continuing education credits using the framework of Current Trends in Optometry. Courses are offered on Sundays in June, September, and November in different locations across New York State.

Concussion Management Option: Vision Rehabilitation

Date: September 20, 2015    Check-in: 8:00am - 9:00am      Lecture: 9:00am – 4:00pm     Location: Locust Hill Country Club, Rochester, NY

Course Director: Neera Kapoor, OD, MS     Co-instructors: Leonard Messner, OD & Laura Blacer, MD

Course Description: This presentation will increase familiarity and understanding of the evaluation and management of sensorimotor vision deficits following mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)/ concussion by the involved inter-professional health care professional team. Evidence basis will be presented regarding the occurrence and treatment of sensorimotor vision depicts following mTBI/concussion. Considerations when performing optometric evaluations, including evidence-based high yield testing, for those with mTBI/concussion will be discussed. Finally, neurological correlates, associated vision symptoms, and possible treatment options for the typical residual sensorimotor vision deficits in those with mTBI/concussion will be presented.


Interprofessional Management of the Diabetic Patient

Date: September 27, 2015     Check-in: 8:00am - 9:00am      Lecture: 9:00am – 4:00pm     Location: SUNY College of Optometry

Course Director: Scott Richter, OD    Co-instructors: Mary Ann Banerji, MD, FACP, Brian Martin, LPN, Alan Dayan, MD, Anthony Iorio, DPM

Course Description: This course will discuss the interprofessional management of the diabetic patient. Attendees will learn best practices in co-managing the medical and ocular complications of diabetes from a team that includes an optometrist, ophthalmologist, nurse and physician who regularly manage diabetic patients.

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Glaucoma Management - Current Standards and Future Trends

Date: November 8, 2015     Check-in: 8:00am - 9:00am      Lecture: 9:00am – 4:00pm     Location: The Lodge at Welch Allyn, Skaneateles Falls, NY

Course Director: Richard J. Madonna, OD, MA, FAAO     Co-instructors: Michael A. Chaglasian, OD, FAAO, Dominick L. Opitz, OD, FAAO           

Course Description: These courses discuss current management of glaucoma to include use of imaging and visual fields, risk factor analysis and appropriate use of current therapeutic modalities.  Future trends and controversies including genetic testing, ocular perfusion pressure, cerebrospinal fluid pressure, and alternative delivery systems are presented and debated.

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