Optometric Society of the City of New York (OSCONY) Monthly Meetings

SUNY College of Optometry hosts a monthly evening series in conjunction with the local Optometric Society of the City of New York. This Tuesday evening event offers two hours of COPE & CE Broker approved continuing education credits. All OSCONY meetings are held at SUNY College of Optometry 33 West 42nd Street New York, New York 10036. Please note that Pre-registration is not required.

Current Meeting Details: 

Date: December 9th 2014  Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Speaker(s): Kristine Zabala, O.D.  & Andy Cheng, O.D.

Title: Blood Work and the Eye

Course Description: 

Many systemic diseases often have manifestations in the eye that require blood work to aid in making a prompt and accurate diagnosis. We, as optometrists, have to recognize these ocular signs and understand the appropriate tests needed to narrow the list of differential diagnoses. When it comes to ordering blood work for our patients, most optometrists are well versed in ordering tests for certain cases such as uveitis. However, at times, we can encounter other ocular conditions that require additional tests to make the correct diagnosis, and subsequently, the appropriate treatment for our patients. This lecture will cover cases where blood work was needed to make the diagnosis and explain the blood work ordered for these conditions.

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