Exploring the Globe with Technologies That Image a Mile Wide and a Mile Deep

Exploring the Globe with Technologies That Image a Mile Wide and a Mile Deep
Jerome Sherman, OD, FAAO
Distinguished Teaching Professor, SUNY College of Optometry
Email: jsherman@sunyopt.edu

COPE #: 38262-SD
Fee: $25

**COPE approved for 1 hour of Distance Learning CE credit**

Course Description

Novel technologies lead to both early and new disease identification.  EDI OCT and Multi-Spectral Imaging reveal disorders at various depths otherwise invisible.  Panoramic auto-fluorescence reveals RPE defects not observable with BIO. This course highlights these and other technologies and the disorders that are uncovered, some for the first time.

Course Objectives

  • List 5 disorders that  Multi-spectral Imaging may detect but missed by traditional techniques
  • List 4 disorders detected with ultra-widefied  color images that may be missed via BIO
  • List 7 disorders detected with  uwf  AF that may be missed with standard procedures

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