A Practical Approach to Visual Field Testing and Interpretation for Glaucoma

A Practical Approach to Visual Field Testing and Interpretation for Glaucoma
Leon Nehmad, OD, MSW, FAAO
Associate Clinical Professor, SUNY College of Optometry
Email: lnehmad@sunyopt.edu

COPE #: 37461-GL
Fee: $25

**COPE approved for 1 hour of Distance Learning CE credit**

Course Description

This course is designed to assist the practitioner in addressing some of the major challenges in visual field testing for glaucoma: obtaining reliable fields, analyzing the visual field printout, measuring progression, choosing the right field, and testing frequency. The course will provide strategies for addressing these challenges supported by recent research and case examples.

Course Objectives

  • Provide strategies for obtaining reliable visual fields
  • Provide strategies for differentiating true defects from pseudo defects
  • Provide guidelines for interpretation of fields
  • Provide guidelines for measurement of progression
  • Provide guidelines for which test to perform
  • Provide guidelines for frequency of testing
  • To illustrate above with case examples, and support of recent literature

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