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A Practical Approach to Visual Field Testing and Interpretation for Glaucoma

COPE #: 37461-GL - 1 hour of Distance Learning CE credit       

This course is designed to assist the practitioner in addressing some of the major challenges in visual field testing for glaucoma: obtaining reliable fields, analyzing the visual field printout, measuring progression, choosing the right field and testing frequency.

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VEP: Objective Assessment of macula and optic nerve function with office based VEPs

COPE #: 37462-PO - 1 hour of Distance Learning CE credit

Visual evoked potentials (VEPS) are the single best objective test to assess the function of the macula and related visual pathway up to the occipital lobe.  Commercially available systems with a built-in database which test at two difference contrast levels now allow the detection of subtle optic neuropathies (including early glaucoma) and retinopathies. Myriad case presentations highlight the clinical utility of VEPS and comparisons to other technologies such as SD OCT.

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