Aran Eye Associate, Coral Gables, FL

Aran Eye Associates
1097 Southwest Lejeune Rd
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Externship Supervisor
Adam Stelzer, OD
Phone: (305) 442-2020
Fax: (305) 442-1498

Additional Faculty
Alberto Aran, MD, Medical Director
Emilio H. Balius, OD, Clinic Director/Residency Director
Adam Stelzer, OD, Clinic Director TLC/Externship Director
Amulfo Vidal Mansur, MD
Analisa Arosemena, MD
David Tenzel, MD
Marco Fabrega, MD
Kenneth Wals, MD
Oswald Rondon, MD
Robert Baum, MD

Program Description
We are a tertiary care referral center for ocular disease with 6 locations throughout south-east Florida. In addition we have a laser vision correction center and a 2 ambulatory surgical centers. The offices are fully equipped including Humphery visual field, pachymeters, tonopens, OCT, ultrasonography and fundus photography.

This medical/surgical rotation will expose students to a wide variety of experiences in eye care and ophthalmic surgery.  Educational experience includes daily patient care consisting of diagnostic workups and assisting staff physicians.  Students are also scheduled to follow each of our staff doctors to learn diagnostic and prescribing philosophies.  During the rotation, students will observe surgery, including cataract and laser vision correction, as well as in-office procedures such as pterygium excision, chalazion removal, and minor laser procedures.  Students will be exposed to the advanced practice of optometry within a medical setting.  In addition to clinical training, students participate in weekly seminars on various topics and the opportunity to share knowledge with students from other colleges of optometry.

The physicians at Aran Eye Associates have been committed to optometric education since inception and continue to provide this great opportunity.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Adam Stelzer with any questions you may have regarding this rotation.

You can also contact Aran Eye Associates for more information.


Not provided

Equipment Required

Short white lab coat, funduscopic lenses

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Additional Requirements
A reliable vehicle is mandatory for this rotation.

Directions to Clinic

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