Dr. Paul Bernstein, Family Vision Care Associates (FVCA)

701 Westchester Ave
White Plains, NY  10604
Bernstein Center for Visual Performance

Externship Supervisor
Paul Bernstein, OD
Phone: (914) 948-0304 / (914) 682-8886
Email: drpaul@fvca.com

Program Description
Family Vision Care Associates is a full-scope private practice emphasizing pediatrics and vision therapy.    It is 1 of 3 private practices that is opening to students beginning in June 2009.  As part of a project being funded by a grant from VSP, this externship will include a practice management component which will also emphasize a pediatric/vision therapy practice.

There are 4 doctors in this practice, all of them optometrists:  Dr. Paul Bernstein, Dr. Ira Bernstein, Dr. Andrea Bernstein, and Dr. Paola Duarte.  This is a full-scope practice, including an optical dispensary and specialty contact lens services.

All of the doctors provide vision therapy services, but Drs. Paul and Ira Bernstein are more involved in this aspect of the practice.   Dr. Ira Bernstein has been in practice for over 40 years, and Dr. Paul Bernstein has been in practice for over 25 years.   Both doctors are significantly involved in organized optometry and community-based activities.  They are constantly networking with other professionals to build a network of referral sources and co-management opportunities. 

The externs will be involved in all aspects of patient care.  Roughly 1/2 of your clinical time would be spent with pediatric and vision therapy patients/activities. Vision therapy sessions are scheduled on 2 days per week.  There are 2 vision therapists involved, and approximately 30-40 patients are seen for therapy per week. 

The pediatric/vision therapy part of the externship will expose externs to an expanded competence in the treatment of children, especially those with learning-related issues. The extern will have the opportunity to enhance their clinical and patient management skills.  The program will emphasize the complete patient care process, from the comprehensive examination through the implementation of a therapy program and communication with other professionals. 

A minimum of 1 hour per week will be devoted to various practice management topics.  These discussions will involve various members of the office staff, in addition to the doctors.  The goal of this portion of the externship is to give the extern an opportunity to see a private practice in action and begin to understand the skills involved in building a successful specialty-oriented practice.


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Equipment Required

You may want to bring your own handheld instruments.

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