Lighthouse International, New York, NY

111 East 59th St
New York, NY 10022-1202
Phone: (212) 821-9237
Fax: (212) 821-9213

Externship Supervisor
Bruce P. Rosenthal, OD
Phone: (212) 821-9470 ext. 9627

Additional Faculty
Lisa Chan-O’Connell, OD
Andrea Hindes-Zimmerman, OD
Linda Pang, OD
Eleanor Faye, MD

Program Description
The Lighthouse Low Vision Externship offers a unique experience to work at Lighthouse International in NYC, which is one of the largest multidisciplinary facilities for visually impaired and totally blind individuals in the United States.  The Lighthouse has numerous services including clinical low vision services, multidisciplinary vision rehabilitation services, research, education and advocacy.

The program begins with a week of didactic material that reviews the low vision examination, specific techniques, and instructing and prescribing for the low vision patient.  The first week also includes a hands-on laboratory of distance and near low vision devices.  Lectures will also be included on the management of a low vision practice and Medicare reimbursement.

Throughout the program are pathology lectures by Dr. Eleanor E. Faye, a world-renowned ophthalmologist and author on low vision care.  Her lectures cover central, peripheral and overall visual loss.  There is a strong emphasis on macular diseases, glaucoma, optic nerve conditions, retinitis pigmentosa, albinism and neural problems.

Each student will gain experience evaluating and following up low vision patients under close supervision.  The students will generally be supervised by a Lighthouse optometrist, but may also have an ophthalmologist supervisor.  Students will be expected to present cases at weekly Grand Rounds Seminars.  Externs also have many opportunities to interact with other members of the vison rehabilitation team, including social workers, vision rehabilitation therapists, low vison therapists and orientation and mobility specialists. Specialty areas such as diabetes will also be explored through the Lighthouse Diabetes Center.

The overall optometric supervisor of the program is Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, Chief of the Low Vision Programs at the Lighthouse.  Students will also work closely with Drs. Lisa Chan-O’Connell, Kathy Aquilante and Andrea Zimmerman and other Lighthouse clinical and rehabilitation staff. 

Students may be asked to participate in a clinical research project during the program.  Previous optometry externs who have participated in such a research project have, upon satisfactory completion, submitted the results for publication.

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