Naval Hospital, Camp Pendelton, CA

Department of Optometry
Box 555191
Camp Pendleton, CA 92055-5191
Phone: (760) 725-5912
Fax: (760) 725-1405

Externship Supervisor
LT Jeffrey Burke, OD

Additional Faculty
LT Sabrina Charrier, OD
LT Keith Bravenec, OD
Dr. Barbara Smith, OD

Program Description
The Optometry Clinic is located on the 3rd Floor of the main Naval Hospital on Camp Pendleton.  The majority of our patient population is young and healthy, thereby enabling students to increase speed and efficiency of examinations.  However, we also see dependents of the active duty military personnel, retirees up to age 65 and some Medicare folks over 65.  As such, this clinic tends to offer a more well-rounded patient base than some other military facilities might.  Other than speed and efficiency, students can also expect to increase their knowledge of anterior segment pathology and will also learn to incorporate contact lens services with their standard eye exams.


Not provided

Equipment Required

All equipment is provided, though students are welcome to bring their own if they would prefer to do so

External Rotations


Additional Requirements

  • Students must have a private vehicle
  • Immunization records (PPD, Hep B with Titer, MMR, Varicella, doctor’s note of previous illness, record of Varivax or titer if neither available)
  • Vehicle registration, driver’s license, vehicle insurance

Directions to Clinic

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