Oklahoma City Area Indian Health Service
Lawton, OK

Lawton Indian Hospital
Optometry Clinic
1515 North Laurie Tatum Rd
Lawton, OK 73507

Phone: (580) 354-5460
Toll Free: (888) 275-4886
Fax: (580) 354-5473

Externship Supervisor
Capt. Charles Jaworski OD, FAAO, Diplomate
Phone: (580) 354-5465
Email: charles.jaworski@ihs.gov

Additional Faculty
Greg Ketcher, OD, FAAO
Phone: (580) 354-5474
Email: greg.ketcher@ihs.gov

Program Description
The Lawton Indian Hospital (LIH) has been in existence since the early 1900's.  A new hospital was built in 1967.  The LIH Optometry Program began in the early 1980's .  Officers’ housing, adjacent to the main hospital was converted into an Audiology and Optometry Clinic.  The student program was initiated in 1991.  In 1997, the Optometry Clinic moved into a custom built 1776 square foot double wide mobile building which is shared with the Public Health Nursing Program. In 2007, the Optometry Clinic moved into the main hospital.


Not provided (see below)

Equipment Required

Ret. O-scope, BIO, 20D, 78D, Trial Frame if desired

External Rotations

No (see below)

Current students have obtained furnished apartments in Lawton from $500-600 per month + utilities.  A completely furnished 2-bed room home with all bills paid is available for $900 per month.  Students are encouraged to contact the students preceding them to take over their lease.  Contact Dr. Ketcher or Dr. Sellers if you need assistance in arranging housing.  The hospital provides meals in the hospital cafeteria unless budgetary restrictions make this prohibitive.

External Rotations
Generally, there are no rotations to external clinics.  On request, one day rotation may be scheduled in ophthalmologists’ offices for observation of clinic and surgery.

The Optometry Clinic consists of a waiting area, reception area, and eight examination rooms.  A pre-screening room is equipped with an auto-refractor, FDT, auto-lensometer, and digital fundus camera.  There are five examination lanes with exam chair, stand, projector, slit lamp, and miscellaneous hand instruments.  Each room has a computer for use by the resident and students.  One special procedure room contains an argon laser and a YAG laser for use by the contract ophthalmologist, a Stratus OCT, and a B-scan ultrasound.  One exam room has a digital slit lamp camera.  There is dedicated room for the Humphery auto-perimeter.  There is a small library/office with books, journals, a computer with medical CD-ROMs, There is another room used for storage and supplies with a refrigerator and microwave.

Extern Responsibilities
Clinic hours are 8 am  - 5 pm Monday through Friday.  Approximately forty percent of the patient encounters are problem oriented ocular disease visits.  Diabetes, glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts, and urgent eye care make-up the majority of ocular disease encounters.  Another thirty percent of patient encounters are comprehensive examinations for adults.  Twenty percent of the encounters are comprehensive examinations of children.    Student-patient encounters are supervised by the optometrist.  As the student demonstrates knowledge, skill, and ability, supervision is relaxed to stimulate autonomy.  Students can expect to see approximately 8-12 patients a day.

Students will be exposed to hospital based multidisciplinary optometry.  A monthly ophthalmology clinic is held where students can observe glaucoma and retinal laser procedures.  One day rotations may be scheduled in an ophthalmologist’ offices for observation of clinic and surgery.  Students may also rotate through other clinical departments in the hospital to observe other aspects of medical care.

Students may experience medical staff meetings, quality improvement activities, and multidisciplinary lectures.          

What to Bring
Students should provide their own retinoscope, ophthalmoscope, binocular indirect ophthalmoscope, and diagnostic lenses (20D, 78D, etc.)  Students should wear a name tag to identify themselves to the patients as students.  A current copy of the immunization record, including PPD, is required at the beginning of the rotation.  Students will complete volunteer agreements in the personnel department upon arrival.  For more specific information regarding the immunization requirements, contact our personnel department at (580) 354-5525.

Directions to Clinic
From interstate 44 exit on Rogers Lane Eastbound.  Travel east on Rogers lane a short distance to the railroad crossing.  Laurie Tatum Road is just east of the railroad tracks.  Turn south on Laurie Tatum Road.  Travel one mile South on Laurie Tatum Road.  Turn left onto the hospital grounds at the stop light.

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