Total Vision

1838 Greene Tree Road, Suite 200
Pikesville, Maryland 21208
Phone 410-486-1010
Total Vision MD

Externship Supervisor
Richard K. Levin, OD

Sue Merrill, Office Manager

Additional Faculty
Michael K. Sandler, MD
Benjamin I. Rubin, MD
Howard H. Levin, OD
Joshua N. Steiner, MD

Program Description
We are a group optometry-ophthalmology private practice.  Although we have five locations, our students usually only rotate between two or three of our sites about once or twice a week.  We see a strong mix of routine eye exams, contact lens exams, pre- and post-operative cataract surgery care, as well as anterior and posterior segment pathology.   We have a Humphrey visual field machine, a Cirrus OCT, and a fundus camera.  Our students work with all of the optometrists and ophthalmologists at our practice, and also have the opportunity to watch cataract surgery and work with an outside retina specialist a few times a month.  We expect our students to start seeing patients on the first day, and encourage you to perform as a clinician, formulating assessments and plans with every single patient.


Not provided

Equipment Required

None, but you may bring your own diagnostic lenses

External Rotations

Yes (see below)

Housing is available in the greater Baltimore area, with rental costs for 1-2 bedroom units around approximately $1000/month. We recommend students to liven with family or friends for their rotation.

External Rotations
External rotations include the opportunity to observe cataract surgery and retinal surgery with our surgeons.  Scheduling for surgery observation will occur after the student’s externship has begun.