VA Medical Center - Lyons, NJ

Eye Clinic
151 Knollcroft Rd
Lyons, NJ 07939
Lyons VA

East Orange Campus/Eye Clinice (Lyons)
385 Tremont Ave
East Orange, NJ 07018 
Phone: (973) 676-1000 ext. 3917 or (973) 395-7188 ext. 1457
Fax: (973) 395-7188

Externship Supervisor
Joseph Cercone, OD
Phone: (908) 647-0180 ext. 4590 or 4572
Fax: (908) 604-5844

Additional Faculty
Malinda Cafiero, OD
Cathy Marques, OD
Angela Tardanico, OD
Mayur Bhavsar, OD
Catherine Chiu, OD
Janice White, OD
Bruce Walker, OD

Program Description
The Veterans Affairs New Jersey Health Care System includes the DVA Medical Center, Lyons, N.J. and the DVA Medical Center, East Orange, N.J. Although optometric care is provided at both facilities, students now spend the majority of their time examining patients at the “Lyons Campus”.  The DVA Medical Center, Lyons, New Jersey is a JCAH accredited 1,000 bed acute and long-term medical center located on 200 acres in rural central New Jersey.

The Optometry Section is an integral part of the Surgical Service and provides full scope primary eye care services.  The optometric staff is expected to provide full scope, high quality eye care in a multidisciplinary setting.  The present staff optometrists are Bruce Walker, O.D. Malinda Cafiero, O.D. Angela Tardanico, O.D., and Joseph Cercone, O.D. at the Lyons campus. Janice White, O.D. and Cathy Marques, O.D. at the East Orange Campus.  Ophthalmologic services are provided by the Department of Ophthalmology at UMDNJ. 
The optometry clinic at Lyons has seven fully equipped eye lanes with all necessary hand instruments.  Students will not be required to bring any equipment.  The clinic also has a Sonomed A/B Ultrasound Unit, Marco Autorefractor/Keratometer, Marco Photo Slit Lamp with Video Monitor with digital capabilities, Humphrey 640 Field Analyzer, and a Keeler NCT, FDT visual field, mentor tonopen, and Retina thickness analyzer.   Students rotating through our clinics are encouraged to use and become proficient with all the instruments.

Students will spend the majority of their time examining patients independently at the Lyons campus under the supervision of the staff optometrists and current resident.  They may also be required to spend time at the East Orange campus working under the supervision of the staff optometrists.  Students rotating through our clinics should have a good background in ocular disease management and ocular therapeutics.  If you have any questions regarding our facility and program please contact Dr. Cercone at (908) 647-0180 ext 4590.


Not provided

Equipment Required


External Rotations

Yes; To East Orange

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