VA Maryland Health Care System, Perry Point, MD

Optometry Clinic (11CI)
VA Medical Center
Perry Point, MD 21902
Phone: (410) 642-2411  Clerk:  x 5080
Fax: (410) 642-1048
VA Medical Center
Optometry Residency Program

Externship Supervisor
Amy Jill Quan, OD, FAAO
Phone: (410) 642-2411 ext. 6619

Program Description
The Perry Point VA Medical Center (VAMC) is part of the VA Maryland Health Care System, which also includes the Baltimore VAMC, the Baltimore Rehabilitation and Extended Care Center, and the Cambridge/Glen Burnie/Loch Raven Outpatient Clinics.  Perry Point is situated along the Chesapeake Bay and is located between Baltimore and Philadelphia.  This is a fairly rural setting with easy access to major cities including Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York.  Perry Point is the psychiatric facility for our region.  The campus houses two nursing homes, a domiciliary, substance abuse treatment programs, acute care medical ward, intermediate medicine, and acute and long-term psychiatric patients.  Approximately 75% of patients seen in the clinic are outpatients.

The Optometry Clinic is located on the first floor of Building 23H and consists of: reception, three fully equipped exam rooms, visual field room, dispensary, special testing room (with digital fundus camera,
B-scan ultrasound, and OCT), and large office/break room.  The Podiatry Clinic is also located within the same area and they share office facilities/equipment/staff.  The waiting room is shared between Optometry, Podiatry, and Dental Clinics.  There is one optometry resident in primary care/ocular disease and typically two students per quarter.  Affiliations also exist with Indiana University School of Optometry and the Illinois College of Optometry.

There is no on-site ophthalmology, so the optometry clinic handles all emergencies and provides all necessary treatment for patients until we decide that further intervention is necessary, in which case we refer the patient to another VA facility.  Privileges include all topical ophthalmic medications as well as oral medications as indicated.


Provided (see below)

Equipment Required


External Rotations


Housing is provided at no charge (on campus) houses shared by other students (separate male & female).

Extern Responsibilities
Students are expected to provide comprehensive eye care to veterans with an age range of approximately 20 to 100 years.  The majority of our patients have multiple medical and ocular abnormalities.  There is a heavy emphasis on the diagnostic assessment and therapeutic management of ocular disease.  Students are expected to perform as clinicians, not technicians- this means that students will think about the exam findings and their implications as they perform the exams and modify their exams appropriately.  Students are expected to be highly motivated to see as many patients as possible, apply basic knowledge to the cases, and spend additional time outside clinic to improve and expand academic knowledge.


Additional Requirements

  • Vehicle
  • Attendance at evening lectures 2 times a month
  • Attendance at other sporadic continuing education lectures
  • 2 to 3 case presentations at Friday afternoon conferences
  • Assigned readings


  • To develop the ability to logically and efficiently problem-solve
  • To become proficient in performing indicated exam techniques
  • To become competent in interacting with a geriatric population
  • To become knowledgeable regarding the indications, contraindications and side effects of ophthalmic medications
  • To become familiar with commonly prescribed systemic medications, their uses, basic mechanisms, and their potential ocular side effects
  • To utilize laboratory and imaging services in the diagnosis of ocular disease and associated systemic diseases
  • To be exposed to advanced diagnostic procedures, such as fundus/anterior segment photography, ultrasonography and optical coherence tomography
  • To work in a multidisciplinary setting and interact with professionals from other healthcare disciplines

I-95 South
Take the Perryville (Maryland) exit, head South on Rt 222
Proceed straight across the intersection with Rt 40, this is Aiken Ave.
Turn right at the first stop sign at the "T" intersection, this is Broad St which runs into the VA grounds
Stay to the left at Y in the road just after entering the VA
At the top of the hill, turn right, this is Avenue D
Proceed to building 23H (on the left), building 364 is across the street and this is where parking is available for clinic

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