Vision Institute, Toronto, Canada

16 York Mills Rd, Suite 110
Toronto, Ontario M2P 2E5 Canada
Phone: (416) 224-2273
Fax: (416) 224-9234
Vision Institute

Externship Supervisor
Catherine Ann Chiarelli, OD

Additional Faculty
Lois Calder, OD
Navpreet Johar, OD

Program Description
The Vision Institute of Canada was formally incorporated in August 1981, as a non-profit organization whose main goal is to advance the standard of vision care services in the community.  Achievement of this goal is promoted through the development of clinical vision care services, clinical research and education relevant to vision and vision care.

Canadian Residents Only


Not provided

Equipment Required

Hand-held items (occluder, nearpoint cards, cover test target, color vision test stereoacuity test, red-green glasses, etc.) Retinoscope, direct o-scope, transiluminator, BIO, 78D, 20D lenses, trial frame.

External Rotations


Clinical Services
Initial service programs were aimed at providing vision care for those most in need.  Accordingly, a Low Vision service for the partially sighted was started in the Fall of 1982.  This service has steadily increased to become one of the most active Low Vision services in Ontario.  In early 1983, the clinical services were extended to include home-bound seniors and the institutionally elderly.  Institutional services are currently provided to the residents of over 25 nursing and old-age homes, seniors residencies and hospitals.

Clinical services at the main facility are provided by a full-time professional staff and by optometrists who consult on a part-time basis.  As this is a public clinic, it is accessible without referral from any health professional.  Some of the patients examined at the clinic are referred by vision care practitioners seeking assistance with the management for their patients.  For example, referrals are received for automated field testing of suspected glaucoma patients, for corneal topography of suspected keratoconus patients, for specialty contact lens fittings, and for assessment of infants and school-aged children with developmental disabilities and or binocular / learning dysfunction.  Additional referrals are received from family physicians, occupational therapists, neurologists, and various community agencies such as CNIB, Public Health Units and hospitals.  All referred patients have consultation report mailed to their practitioners outlining the problem, stating the results of any specialized procedures and proposing a resolute recommendation for further care.

At the Vision Institute, emphasis is placed upon visual function and its rehabilitation or optimizing general functions through improved visual performance.

Educational Services
The Institute has been extensively involved in educational activities, and organizes two large continuing education conferences for optometrists each year.  In addition, we offer upgrading courses and assessments for practicing optometrists and vision education seminars for other professionals.

Additional Requirement
Must be a Canadian Resident

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