Southeastern Tucson Community-Based Outpatient Clinic, AZ

Southeastern Tucson Community-Based Outpatient Clinic
Houghton Crossing Complex
7395 South Houghton Rd, Suite 129
Tucson, AZ  85747
Tucson, Arizona

Externship Supervisor
Jason Powell, OD
Phone: (520) 792-1450 ext. 3427
Fax: (520) 838-3656

Program Description
On September 22, 2008, the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System opened a new 10,000 square foot community-based clinic in urban Tucson.  The clinic scope of care includes Primary Care, Optometry, Mental Health, Social Work, Laboratory, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and Nutrition.  The Optometry Clinic consists of 2 exam rooms, an auxiliary test room and fundus photography room.  New equipment includes the following:  exam chairs, instrument stands, phoropters, Haag Streit slit lamps, pachymeters, Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer, OCT Stratus, auto lensometer, autorefractor, Topcon Fundus Camera, and a full assortment of diagnostic fundus and contact lenses.  Staff includes 1 full-time optometrist and 1 full-time ophthalmic assistant.

Clinical Experience
Under the direction of the attending optometrist, externs will have the opportunity to provide comprehensive eyecare with access to the computerized medical record system including the ability to order interdisciplinary consultations, medications, lab work and imaging studies (CT, MRI and Ultrasonography). There is an excellent working relationship with the primary care physicians and nurse practitioners.

Prerequisites for Externs

  • Current on vaccinations; CPR certification required.

  • Complete required VA forms prior to starting rotation.


Not provided (see below)

Equipment Required

None; optional white clinic jacket

Numerous apartment complexes nearby clinics.

Extern Responsibilities

  • Provide prompt, quality eye/vision care

  • Complete accurate patient records in computer system in a timely matter

  • Review pathophysiology and treatment of disorders seen in clinics and presented during didactic activities

  • Externs are not required to bring any equipment; a white clinic jacket is optional

  • All equipment, including condensing lenses, provided

Clinic Location
Clinic is located in Tucson approximately 9 miles southeast of the main hospital facility.

Clinic Hours
8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday, closed Weekends

Clinic Schedule
Externs are scheduled approximately 35 to 40 patient visits per week with 1 half day a week devoted to educational activities.

Additional Requirements
Automobile required.

Educational Objectives

  • Increase ability to perform advanced procedures such as gonioscopy, scleral depression, peripheral 90D exam

  • Integrate key concepts from didactic courses into clinical setting

  • Increase decision making and management ability

Patient Population
Predominantly a geriatric population with common ocular problems of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, anterior segment disease, cataracts, peripheral retinopathies, etc.

Patient Services Provided

  • Primary care

  • Gatekeeper for all eye-related consultations including walk-in and urgent-care cases such as red eyes, sudden loss of vision, foreign bodies, ocular pain

  • Anterior Segment

  • Plethora of clinical conditions including infections, inflammations, degenerations, dystrophies

  • Wide variety of topical and some oral medications can be prescribed

  • Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment

  • Optometry manages all non-surgical glaucoma patients

  • Wide array of therapeutics available

  • Posterior Segment

  • Diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, peripheral retinal abnormalities, retinal vascular diseases