Residency in Family Practice Optometry

United States Military Academy, Keller Army Hospital, West Point, NY

Keller Army Community Hospital
Building #606
West Point, NY 10996

Program Supervisor
Stefan Kochis, OD
Phone: (845) 938-7714
Fax: (845) 938-7195

Additional Faculty
Mary Davidian, MD

Program Description
This is a 12-month program based at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY. It is available to active duty Army Optometrists and recent graduates with an obligated commitment to the U.S. Army. The clinic population is composed of cadets, faculty, staff, active-duty dependents, and retirees. The program provides advanced clinical training for military optometrists. This program employs full scope optometry with a significant portion in the fitting and management of contact lenses and contact lens complications.. The resident will also rotate through ophthalmology and consult with other hospital specialty clinics. The resident spends approximately 15% of the time at SUNY in a joint didactic program with other SUNY residents.

Program Length

12 months

Start Date

July 1




Military pay

Hours Per Week



Fully accredited by ACOE

Application Deadline

February 1

ORMS Matching Service


Educational Opportunities
The residency program includes rotations with ophthalmology and interaction with other hospital clinics. The resident will attend optometry conferences (military and civilian) as well as army courses specific to medical and optometric interest.

Teaching Responsibilities
Teaching skills are developed by assignment with optometry interns. 

Research Responsibilities
Minor presentation, major presentation, and publishable paper required; opportunities for research available. 

Full health coverage, regular military benefits, 30 days leave per year (15 days can be taken during the residency year)

OD and obligated commitment to the U.S. Army through the Health Professions Scholarship Program and/or ROTC.

Mission Statement

The mission of Keller Army Community Hospital’s Family Practice Optometry Residency is to provide advanced clinical competencies in the provision of eye, vision, and healthcare for military optometrists. Additionally, the resident will gain advanced leadership and administrative skills to provide optimum health care to a supported population. Upon completion of the program, the optometrist will have gained the skills to manage a diverse and complex patient population, in wartime or peacetime.

Goal 1Enhance the resident’s skills in family practice optometry.

  1. The resident will provide family practice eyecare services, including challenging cases, involving a minimum of 1,200 diverse patient encounters, at least 50% of which will be comprehensive in nature.

  2. The resident will provide appropriate referral and co-management of patients with other healthcare providers.

  3. Resident will learn to properly order medications, lab studies, and imaging studies.

Goal 2Stimulate the resident’s scholarly development in the resident.

  1. Case reports, textbooks, and electronic information sources as assigned by the residency supervisor.

  2. The resident will attend at least one major academic meeting devoted to advanced concepts of clinical care.

  3. The resident will attend the required number of grand rounds (35 credit hours), minor (9) and major (14) presentations of the SUNY Friday Program, as specified in the College’s Manual of procedures for residency programs

  4. The resident will submit a paper, suitable for publication, to the Residency Supervisor and Director of Residencies before completion of the program.

Goal 3Develop the resident’s skill in presenting topics to fellow professionals.

  1. The resident will acquire and practice skills needed to effectively present information to other professionals.

Goal 4: Provide training applicable to officer development, clinic management, and Army Medical Department (AMEDD) doctrine and standards.

  1. The resident will complete professional reading and training as assigned by supervisor.

  2. The resident will receive an Army Evaluation while serving as resident

West Point Residency Curriculum