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The SUNY College of Optometry is fully committed to developing outstanding optometrists and vision scientists, making new discoveries that advance our profession and improving lives by providing exceptional care and public service. We are also dedicated to ensuring that our students have a successful and fulfilling career.

The College offers an exceptional curriculum for its students, with opportunities to augment learning through a broad array of elective courses and other opportunities. Here are some of the things that make the SUNY College of Optometry a particularly unique and excellent place to learn and develop your career:

Learn More 

There are several ways to learn more about what optometry, vision science and SUNY have to offer:

  • Keep up with our latest news and follow us on social media:     
  • Come to one of our open houses – We offer two each year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Visit our campus – We welcome anyone who wants to see for themselves what we’re all about and meet personally with an admissions counselor to discuss their professional pursuits.
  • Participate in one of our unique CSTEP Programs – Each year—once in the spring and once in the fall—we offer a unique, two-week internship program that immerses participants in the world of optometry. In addition, each summer we offer a free graduate-level course on vision science.
  • Want to find out what the day-to-day life of an optometrist is like? We can help you find an optometrist in your area to shadow so that you can learn more about the profession.
  • Contact a member of our admissions team who can meet with you or your pre-health/pre-optometry group and provide insight as well as tips for building a competitive application.
  • Also, the Increasing Diversity by Engaging All (IDEA) initiative at SUNY Optometry is designed to expose and prepare students to pursue the field of optometry by providing resources, tips and life management skills to help them become competitive applicants for the Doctor of Optometry program.