EXPLORE Experience the possibilities

Personal experience is what drives students to get excited about any given profession. We encourage you to explore the opportunities available in the fascinating and amazing universe of eye care for yourself.

With that in mind, we have designed a number of opportunities for you to explore the profession of optometry, including:

  • Bi-annual open houses

    SUNY Optometry hosts two open houses every year – winter (first week of January) and spring (mid May). This is a great opportunity for you and your family to explore the profession by meeting faculty members, learning what it is like to be an optometry student by meeting and interacting with our current students, touring our campus and learning tips in how to build a successful application.

    The dates for future open houses are:
    Winter: Thursday, January 9th, 2014
    Spring: Thursday, May 29th 2014 (Registration)

  • Winter and Spring Internship Program

    An internship in one of our clinics is an excellent option for those considering a career in vision care and optometry. SUNY Optometry offers an on-site internship program that occurs in the winter and spring/early summer of each year. Each session accommodates 12 students and runs eight hours per day for two consecutive weeks. Interns are assigned to work with fourth-year SUNY Optometry students in their own clinical rotations. To be eligible for the program, you must be a 1) full-time student; 2) New York State resident; and 3) from a historically underrepresented minority group or economically disadvantaged. 

    To learn more about the internship program, please contact:
    Francisco Lucio
    Email: flucio@sunyopt.edu

  • Summer Academic Program

    SUNY offers a two-credit graduate level optometry course, “Introduction to Vision and Optometry,” at no cost to participants. This course provides an overview of exciting topics in vision science and optometry. Students will be introduced to basic ocular anatomy and physiology, visual perception and visual neuroscience. They will also learn and discuss diseases and conditions commonly seen in clinical practice and will have the opportunity to observe clinical eye care in the University Eye Center.

  • Listings of doctors who allow students to shadow them

    Shadowing successful professionals is exciting, inspiring and a great opportunity for you to envision yourself in your future profession. Upon request, SUNY offers lists of doctors whom you can shadow in the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

    For a list of doctors in your area, please contact:
    Michael Brick
    Email: mbrick@sunyopt.edu

  • Personalized campus visits and counseling sessions

    The office of admissions welcomes students who want to meet with an admissions counselor to discuss their professional pursuits.

    To schedule an individualized session, please contact:
    Office of Admissions
    Phone: (212) 938-5500
    Email: admissions@sunyopt.edu

  • Speaking engagements at pre-optometry/pre-health societies

    The admissions staff is available to speak at pre-health clubs about the profession of optometry and how to build an outstanding application.

    To schedule a visit by a member of the Admissions team to your College/University, please contact:
    Office of Admissions
    Phone: (212) 938-5500
    Email: admissions@sunyopt.edu

  • Social Media

    Do you need tips in how to build a successful application? Check out what current students have to say about the admissions process and their experiences in optometry school by connecting with us on:


  • Online resources

    1. Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry
    2. American Optometric Association
    3. Optometrystudents.com