The Increasing Diversity by EngagingThe Increasing Diversity by Engaging All (IDEA) project at SUNY Optometry has created an online community via social media networks to engage students in dialogue about the profession of optometry. The center piece of this dialogue is how to successfully apply and be accepted into an optometry program, and ultimately become an optometrist. Join our movement and:

  • Connect with other aspiring optometry students and professionals.
  • Watch videos from students and OD’s for tips on becoming a competitive applicant, performing well on the OAT, financing your education, insight on the perks of the field of optometry, and student’s personal experiences on matriculating through optometry school.
  • Learn self-control skills that will make you a successful applicant.
  • Benefit from resources that will help you be inspired, empowered, determined, and well on your way to optometry school, or any other career of your choice.


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The OAT Revealed

Description: Listen to first year student, Barbara Mendoza, as she gives you insightful and helpful tips for performing well on the OAT.

A Student's Journey Toward Success - Quy Nguyen
What Are the Characteristics of Outstanding Applicants?
What Is Your Advice To Students Considering Optometry School? by Teresa Concha


IDEA is committed to exposing and preparing more underrepresented minority and socio-economic disadvantaged students to the profession and school of optometry, particularly SUNY, to produce newly minted classes of optometry that are more representative of our ever-growing diverse nation.

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