Michael Heiberger, OD
SUNY College of Optometry
33 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036


Dr. Michael Heiberger joined the College when it was founded in 1971. Since his joining, he has held a position in the Registrar as well as the Director of Admissions, Vice President for Student Affairs, Director of Planning and Evaluation and Associate Clinical Professor and Director of International Programs.

Dr. Heiberger received his BS from Brooklyn College, his Doctor of Optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry and a Masters in Higher Education from New York University.  Prior to joining SUNY, he was the Assistant Director of the University Eye Center.

Dr. Heiberger is a member of the AOA, NYSOA, American Academy of Optometry and the National Association of Student Advisors.


Residency in Developmental Vision, Optometric Center of New York

New York University, MA

Pennsylvania College of Optometry, BS, OD

Brooklyn College, BS


2010-Present: Director of International Programs

2007-2010: Director of Institutional Research and Planning 

1995-Present: Associate Clinical Professor 

1989-2007: Director of Planning and Evaluation

1984-1989: Vice President for Policy, Planning and Evaluation

1978-1984: Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Admissions    

1971-78: Director of Student Services

1971-95: Assistant Clinical Professor, SUNY

1971-78: Associate Director, University Optometric Center

1967-71: Assistant Director, Optometric Center of NY 


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Professional Organizations

  • AmericanAcademyof Optometry (Emeritus Fellow)

  • Brookdale Center on Aging of Hunter College (Fellow)

  • American Optometric Associat­ion

  • New York State Optometric Association

  • SUNY Association of Institutional Research and Planning Officers

  • Association for Institutional Research

  • American Educational Research Association (Division I -  Research in the Professions)

  • American Evaluation Association

  • Society for College and University Planning

Selected Professional Activities

Project Director, Project to establish a Center of Excellence in Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation at Wenzhou Medical College (China).  Funded for three years by Lavelle Fund for the Blind.  2009-Present

Course Coordinator, Emergency Care courses, third and fourth professional years.  Recently developed expanded course for third professional year.     

Certified Instructor, American Red Cross and American Heart Association –  Courses in CPR/AED and First Aid        

Instructor, Clinical Medicine Laboratory, second professional year.

Instructor, Optometric Methods Laboratory, first professional year.

Project Director, "Ophthalmic Supplier Group Project."  Industrial Effectiveness Program, Department of Economic Development, State of New York.

Invited Paper, "Optometry Curriculum Analysis and Planning System."  (with B. Barresi and R. Gorman).  Section on Optometric Education, American Academy of Optometry

Project Director, "Careers In Sight: To and Through Optom­etry School."  Division of Disadvantaged Assistance, Bureau of Health Professions, U.S. Public Health Service, Grant #  1D18MB0113701                                                                

Project Director, "A Pathway to Careers in Vision For Disad­vantaged Students."  Division of Disadvantaged Assis­tance, Bureau of Health Professions, U.S. Public Health Service, Grant #  03D8MB00613                                       

Chairman, Council on Student Affairs, Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry                                              

Professional Advisory Committee, Optometric Center of Mary­land, Baltimore, Maryland                                               

SUNY-Wide Task Force on Admissions and Student Financial Aid

Committee on Assistance to Graduates and Undergraduates, American Optometric Association                              

Chairman, Project Team on Student Financial Aid, American Optometric Association

Committee Activities

  •  Long Range Planning (Chair)

  • Council on Information Technology

  • Committee on Faculty Development

  • Committee on Learning Resources

  • Committee on Internships and Residency Programs

  • Institutional Self-Study For Council on Optometric Education

  • Institutional Self-Study For Middle States

  • Computers, Library and Media Center (Chair)

  • Educational Policy

  • Admissions

  • Student Computer Access Program (Chair)

  • Scholarships, Awards and Student Financial Aid

  • Faculty-Student Association (President and Treasurer)

  • Faculty Retreat Planning

  • Summer Curriculum Conferences

  • Annual Blood Drive (Chair)

  • Pandemic Flu Committee (Chair)

  • Institutional Research and Planning (Chair)

  • informity