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Career Portal

The Career Portal allows SUNY Optometry students, residents, faculty, alumni and friends of the College the opportunity to search local and national optometry jobs and internship opportunities. The Career Portal features a resume builder to create and store your professional information as well as letter writing tools. Keep up-to-date with workshops and sessions provided by the Career Development Center as well as career resources posted in the Resources Library. The Career Portal is provided free of charge.

View Job Postings

Students can access the Career Portal by using the login box and using your already existing SUNY Optometry Network Account username and password (userxxxx; password).

Friends or Alumni of the college can also make an account to view jobs.

Post Jobs

In order to post a job listing you must register as an “Employer” by following the instructions below, even if, you are already registered as an Alumnus, Faculty, Resident or Friend of the College.

Once your account is approved, you can create a job posting which will be automatically uploaded on submission.

To look at all the job postings, create a student account by clicking on ‘View Job Postings’, and register with a separate email address than the one you used for your employer account.


The Career Development Center acts only as an intermediary between Career Portal users and employers and does not provide any guarantees or warranties explicit or implied regarding securing employment, compensation, work safety or hiring practices advertised by employers using the Career Portal. Moreover, the Career Development Center does not guarantee the accuracy of the information posted by employers nor does the Career Development Center guarantee the accuracy of information found in resumes posted by applicants.

By using the Career Portal you agree to release SUNY, SUNY Optometry, SUNY affiliates and employees from any and all legal claims, disputes or damages arising from and between user(s) of the Career Portal.

The Career Development Center will review job/internship posting requests and reserves the right to decline job/internship posting requests that do not meet the College’s mission, goals and regulations. In addition, the Career Development Center reserves the right to decline job/internship posting requests that appear fraudulent, questionable, incomplete or illegal.