What is Gold Key?

The Gold Key Society was founded in 1965 by the Southern College of Optometry Student Council.  The purpose of this honorary society is to recognize students who demonstrate outstanding professional and ethical attitude through leadership and service in the class, college, and profession.  In 1973, the society became independent and changed its name to the Gold Key International Optometric Honor Society.  Several chapters were established at the 1974 AOSA Congress in Philadelphia.

What makes Gold Key unique from other honor societies?

  • Gold Key recognizes leadership within the class, school, and the optometric profession.
  • Membership is limited to 10% of the class or 8 members total, whichever is greater.
  • Members are selected by their fellow students. 

What are the benefits of Gold Key Membership?

Gold Key is considered the highest honor for leadership a student can receive.  Much like Beta Sigma Kappa, the greatest reward is the honor and prestige bestowed upon its members.  Gold Key recognizes the importance of hard work and a good attitude.  Gold Key membership is for life.  Additionally,

  • Each member wears to graduation a gold stole embroidered with a black key to denote their special honor.
  • Each member receives a Certificate of Membership.
  • Each member receives a Gold Key lapel pin. 
  • Each member is invited to a Dinner and Ceremony commemorating their achievement. 
  • Gold Key plaques may also be purchased by individuals or local chapters. 

How can you apply to be a member Gold Key?

Get involved in leadership and service at your school and in your community!  Look out for emails regarding applications during the last term of your  3rd year in optometry school.  Current 4th year officers select the next year’s officers from the 3rd year applications that are returned by the deadline.  Newly selected incoming officers then select the remaining members from among the submitted applications. 

We hope to encourage the next generation of leaders at SUNY State College of Optometry!

Please feel free to contact your Gold Key Executive Board Members at:

President: Christine Ng (cng@sunyopt.edu)

Vice President: Tiffany Liu (tliu@sunyopt.edu)

Secretary: Christina Chu (cchu@sunyopt.edu)

Treasurer: Dominique Ha (dha@sunyopt.edu)


Visit http://www.goldkeyhonor.org/

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