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Find Full-Text Articles

There are many journals that are now available to you in full-text format. That means that the entire article, not just the citation and/or abstract, can be retrieved online.

These journals can come from many different sources, some are available because the Library purchases the online rights, some are contained within the many research databases that we own and some are open access, meaning they are available for free to the public. Wherever the online article is if it is available, you can find it by entering the relevant information in the following indexes / search engines / websites below:

  • Google Scholar: Searches scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles.

  • PubMed: When accessed through the library's web page is specially configured so it will allow access to several of SUNY Optometry's electronic journal collection.

  • ScienceDirect:  Searches scientific, technical and medical journals for articles and images with many available full-text.

  • VisionCite:  Searches vision science periodicals with some articles available full-text.

  • informity