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The following links to Internet search engines will help you find just the information you are seeking. Most contain tips on how to search, but if you have questions or want the latest news on searching, ask Elaine Wells, the Library Director. Additional help with searching and evaluating results can be found at the sites listed below.

Medical, Science, and Health Search Engines

  • Google Scholar: Searches scholarly literature including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts and articles. Can also tell you where articles you’ve written have been cited.
  • Entrez, The Life Sciences Search Engine (NLM): Cross-database search page
  • CAM on PubMed: Searches complementary and alternative medicine on PubMed
  • Common Chemistry: Searches chemical names and CAS registry numbers
  • Healia: Health search engine
  • MedNar: Searches medical collections and returns ranked, unduplicated results
  • NARIC Databases: Searches National Rehabilitation Information Center
  • Science.gov (FirstGov for Science): Government Science Portal
  • Scirus (Elsevier Science): Connects many results to full-text in ScienceDirect
  • TRIP Database: Searches evidence-based medicine resources
  • WorldWideScience.org: Global scientific gateway

General and Meta Search Engines

How to Use Search Engines and Evaluate Results