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June 14, 2012

An Enduring Way to Honor a Loved One

Endowing a scholarship is a wonderful way to ensure that qualified SUNY Optometry students with financial need and academic merit will be able to complete their education.  It is also a wonderful way to honor or remember a loved one.

Dr. Richard Soden, Vice President for Clinical Affairs, has generously provided a $25,000 endowed scholarship in memory of his aunt and uncle, Samuel and Mary Gurkin.

Samuel was a violinist with the New York City Opera and Mary was an English teacher in Manhattan.  "I didn't want their names to be forgotten", said Dr. Soden.  "Endowing a scholarship in memory of Sam and Mary, who had no children, will ensure that their names live on.  Being able to do that for them, while supporting students at the College of Optometry helped me satisfy two very important goals.", he added.

The endowed Samuel and Mary Gurkin Memorial Scholarship will provide funds annually to deserving students into the future.  The gift will be made over five years and, in the end, only the interest is awarded as a scholarship.  The principal remains untouched in perpetuity.  Named scholarships will be listed in the College publications.  The gift is also tax-deductible.

To discuss how you may create an endowed fund, or provide another type of gift to the Vision & the Promise Campaign, please feel free to contact Ms. Ann Warwick or Ms. Pam Lederman in the Office of Institutional Advancement on the 18th floor or at ext. 5600.

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