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March 29, 2013

Doing Our Part to Care for Our Community

On March 21 the University Eye Center (UEC) held a glaucoma screening and a patient educational session, free of charge, for anyone in the community.  A large group of New Yorkers took advantage of the opportunity to be examined by UEC doctors and interns and to learn more about this damaging, yet often undiagnosed, disease through a presentation by Dr. Andre Stanberry.

This was just one of the dozens of screenings and educational programs, both within the clinic and throughout the community, that the UEC hosts each year as part of its ongoing commitment to providing care and education to as many people as possible.

"The University Eye Center has had a long-standing dedication to serving the people in our community,” said the UEC’s chief operating officer Liduvina Martinez-Gonzalez. “Our vision screenings and other educational programs demonstrate our strong desire to increase public health awareness about the importance of proper eye care and how the UEC can serve as a resource for their eye and vision care needs.”

In addition to vision screenings, the UEC provides a variety of support groups, including those for people with low vision or individuals who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. There are also support groups that are designed to serve family members of people with low vision or who have sustained brain injuries as well. Educational talks and discussions are also offered on subjects as wide-ranging as learning disabilities, sports vision and pediatric vision health, all done in an effort to educate the community about vision and vision-related health issues--part of the core mission of the institution.

“In addition to being a vital health care facility for the community, we’re also a teaching facility,” said Dr. Richard Soden, the UEC’s executive director. “And we take that commitment to education very seriously. Not only do we want to educate our students and residents but we also want to educate our patients and our community.”

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