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September 11, 2009

Dr. Milton Katz



Milton Katz, 81, Professor of Optics at the SUNY College of Optometry, died Sept. 10 at his home.

A founding member of the College’s faculty in 1971, Dr. Katz conducted numerous clinical research projects in the areas of low vision devices. In 1984, he received a three-year grant of $258,000 from the National Institute for Handicapped Research. At the time, it was the largest grant ever made to a faculty member in the College’s history.

For many years he taught geometrical optics and physical optics and served as a consultant in optical engineering and lens design.

A graduate of the College of the City of New York and Pacific University, where he received a Doctor of Optometry degree, Dr. Katz served as a graduate student advisor and was a prolific author and lecturer.

"Dr. Katz devoted his life to the College and to the education of our students. We will be eternally grateful for his commitment," said Dr. David Heath, College President.

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