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January 27, 2012

Faculty/Staff 2011 Charitable Contributions

As of December 30th, 2011, we have reached 29% participation of faculty and staff toward the goal of 100% for the Vision & the Promise: The Campaign for the SUNY College of Optometry.  Thank you goes out to the following donors who helped bring the campaign to this milestone.  Special thanks from the Campaign Committee goes to Mr. Robert Pellot and Ms. Vicki Vitug for generously contributing their holiday party raffle cash to the Campaign.

With your continued support, the Campaign goal will be met!

Diane Adamczyk, O.D., Mr. Oladapo Adurogbola, Mr. Guilherme F.C. Albieri, Jose Manuel Alonso, M.D., Ph.D., Mrs. Erin Angarola, Julia J. Appel, O.D., Kathy A. Aquilante, O.D., Ph.D., Ms. Aubrey Assim, Ms. Ellen Baberadt, Benjamin Backus, Ph.D. , Dr. Carl Schaper, Mr. Luisito Bacosa, Peter S. Bae, O.D., Ms. Barbara (Xu) Bai, Sherry Bass, O.D., Jaclyn A. Benzoni, O.D., Mr. Jamal D. Bilal, Marie Irene Bodack, O.D., Mr. David A. Bowers, Ellen J. Brand, O.D., Roberty Byne, O.D., Tanya L.Carter, O.D., Mr. Marcel Catafago, Mr. Wayne Chen, Ida Chung-Lock, O.D., Allen Cohen, O.D., Jay M. Cohen, O.D., A.J. Contento, O.D., Jeffrey Cooper, O.D., Mr. Roger Cruttenden, Mr. Igor Demburg, Gregory DiSanto, O.D., Mr. Joseph Dubreil, Robert Duckman, O.D., Mitchell Dul, O.D., Ms. May Ellis, Ms. Letisha Farrell, Jerome M. Feldman, Ph.D., David E. FitzGerald, O.D., Mr. Tom Flagg, Ms. Teresa Florenda, Benjamin M. Freed, O.D., Harold Friedman, O.D., Paul R. Galstian, O.D., Ms. Irma Gomez, Deborah Goodman, O.D., Israel Greenwald, O.D., Sidney Groffman, O.D., David A. Heath, O.D., Ed.M., Michael H. Heiberger, O.D., Ms. Ilana Hyman, Mr. and Mrs. Kale, Evan Kaplan, O.D., Neera Kapoor, O.D., Harry Koster, M.D., David M. Krumholz, O.D., Ms. Martha Lain, Ken Landesman, O.D., Ms. Pamela Lederman, Mr. Boris Levin, Mr. Francisco Lomparte, Teresa Lowe, O.D., Ms. Diana P. Ludlam, Ms. Alla Lyubomudrova, Richard J. Madonna, O.D., Ms. Nikita Martin, Ms. Liduvina Martinez-Gonzalez, Mr. Dwayne Moore, Scott I. Morrison, O.D., Mr. Muhammed Nasiru, Leon Nehmad, O.D., William F. O'Connell, O.D., Dr. Eleanora Zusman-Orloff, Dr. Eugene Orloff, Ms. Jean Pak, Ms. Yodania Paulino, Mr. Robert Pellot, Jeffrey L. Philpott, Ph.D., Ms. Ramola Poonai, Joan K. Portello, O.D., M.P.H., M.S., F.A.A.O., Mrs. Savitri S. Ramnarine, Kathryn Richdale, O.D., Ph.D., Scott Richter, O.D., Steven Ritter, O.D., Stuart M. Rothman, O.D., Mr. Douglas Schading, Ms. Denise Schliefer, Steven H. Schwartz, O.D., Ph.D., Christy A. Sell, O.D., Steven Shaby, O.D., Mark Sherstinsky, O.D., Mr. Kennard Singh, Richard Soden, O.D., Harold A. Solan, O.D., Chung Song, O.D., Mort Soroka, O.D., Audra Steiner, O.D., Barry Tannen, O.D., Andrea P. Thau, O.D., F.A.A.O., Ms. Bethshally Torres, Ms. Nicole Totans, David Troilo, Ph.D., Ms. Victoria Vitug, Ms. Yue Wang, Joel H. Warshowsky, O.D., Ms. Ann Warwick, Catherine Pace Watson, O.D., Ms. Elaine Wells, Tom Wong, O.D., Michael J. Yellen, O.D. and Ms. Katy Zhang.

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