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September 30, 2013

Graduate Center for Vision Research Holds Open House

On September 18, the Graduate Center for Vision Research held a Research Open House. The event introduced incoming, first-year optometry students to the many research opportunities at the College as well as the graduate programs offered in conjunction to their OD degree. 

The event commenced in the afternoon where Dr. Stewart Bloomfield, director of the Graduate Center for Vision Research, spoke in depth about the graduate programs offered at the College. Besides dual degree programs (OD/MS, PhD/OD), there is also a singular PhD degree program offered to those interested specifically in vision science. 

Graduate student Kathleen Abarr spoke about her experience as a dual degree student as an OD/MS student while doctoral candidate Lauren Wool spoke about her research titled, “Salience of Unique and Other Hues.” Drs. Alexandra Benavente, Christina Llerena and Robert McPeek also spoke on their respective research. 

After the speakers concluded, a reception followed on the third floor of the Center for Student Life and Learning where students were able to view poster presentations by the various research labs at the College. Students gained insight into the clinical and basic research currently being conducted at the College. Selected topics included the Effects of Artificial Tears on Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome in Dry Eye Patients and Risk Factors for the Development of Soft Contact Lens Complications.