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June 7, 2006

Graduate Students Selected to Receive $1000 Award from the Minnie Turner Flaura Foundation

The following full-time graduate students in Vision Science here at the College have received each a $1000 award from the Minnie Turner Flaura Foundation for their proposed research projects. The Minnie Turner Flaura Foundation provides award funding for vision research projects related to low vision, rehabilitation.

José E. Capó-Aponte, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O.
Title: Functional and molecular characterization of multiple K-Cl
cotransporter isoforms in human corneal epithelial cells
Advisor: Dr. Peter S. Reinach

Zan Pan
"Differential Effects of MAPK Limb Activation on Hypotonicity-induced Regulatory Volume Decrease in Corneal Epithelial Cells"
Advisor : Dr. Peter S. Reinach

Xu Siyi
" Regulation of gap junctional communication in corneal epithelium cell after Lipopolysaccharide simulation".
Advisor: Dr Miduturu Srinivas.

Balamurali Vasudevan
"Structural and Functional Aspects of Near Induced Transient Myopia"
Advisor: Dr Kenneth Ciuffreda

Bin Wang
"Changes in blur perception and accommodation after LASIK surgery in myopes"
Advisor: Dr. Ken Ciuffreda

Chong Weng
" Influence of contrast on the spatial properties of cells in the visual thalamus"
Advisor: Dr. Jose-Manuel Alonso.

Fan Zhang
"Vanilloid receptor subtype 1 (VR1)-mediated proinflammatory cytokine production in
human corneal epithelial cells"
Advisor: Dr. Peter S. Reinach.