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November 26, 2012

Letter from the President

The Thanksgiving holiday takes on a new meaning this year.  In the past month, the New York metropolitan area was transformed by damages associated with Hurricane Sandy and the "nor'easter" that followed shortly thereafter.  With record tide surges and wide-spread damages, the economic cost could exceed $50B while the impact on the lives of thousands of New Yorkers is incalculable.  Fortunately, most in our College community only experienced extended power outages; but several remain dislocated as a result of flooding.  During, and after, the storm the campus served as a resource and refuge to several members of our community.

While our campus was closed for several days by order of the Governor, the facility fared well, but our communication system was out for nearly two weeks compromising our ability to serve our patients.  The University Eye Center has since reached out to our patients, offering support and assistance in ensuring their eye care needs are met.  Many of our students and our faculty have since volunteered their time working with the ophthalmic industry using mobile vans to provide eye care to those in areas affected by the storm.

I am proud of our community as everyone came together during this challenging time to lend support to one another and to those impacted by Sandy.  But, while the devastation has been great, we should give thanks that all members of our community are safe and secure.

David A. Heath, OD, EdM