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June 28, 2012

New York State Optometric Association (NYSOA) Pledges for Support of the Development of the new Care

The New York State Optometric Association (NYSOA) has pledged $50,000 over the next five years to support programming at the new Career Development Center (CDC) of the SUNY College of Optometry.  The CDC, which began operations this past February, provides innovative programs and services for SUNY's students, residents and alumni to assist in career explorations and deliberations.  The CDC's goal is to ensure that 90% of alumni are in positions of choice within five years after graduation.


In addition to the funding, the NYSOA is providing time and energy with the appointment of three liaisons to serve on the Center's Advisory Board and to participate in CDC program activities.  Dr. Susan Fisher, Dr. Denise Whittam and Dr. Mitchell Horowitz, who will serve as NYSOA liaisons for the coming year, met with President Heath and NYSOA Executive Director, Jan Dorman at the AOA Meeting in Chicago to discuss future plans for the collaboration.

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