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October 3, 2013

Record Amount of Scholarship Support for Students

Nearly two dozen students were honored by members of the SUNY College of Optometry’s administration and the College’s foundation the Optometric Center of New York (OCNY) during a lunchtime presentation on October 2. Fourteen different scholarships were handed out to 22 students during the event in the College’s second-floor seminar room, and it offered a unique opportunity for some scholarship donors to connect directly with the recipients of their scholarship.

“The decision to donate money for a scholarship is a deeply person one,” President Heath told the gathering, while noting that it was particularly poignant for the donors to directly interact with the beneficiaries of their generosity.

OCNY trustee, Dennis Gehr and his wife Lesley were on hand to present their scholarship to Marina Davydova of the Class of 2017. While OCNY vice president Barbara Saltzman presented her scholarship to Class of 2016 student Jenna Salner.

President of SUNY Optometry’s Alumni Association, Dr. Denise Whittam, presented both the alumni scholarships and the alumni memorial scholarship and Dr. Kristen Fry, the immediate past president of the New Jersey chapter of the American Academy of Optometry, presented the NJOA Scholarship at the event.

President Heath also reminded those in attendance about the vital work that the OCNY does in support of scholarships for students at the College and encouraged the beneficiaries to remember this day and think about giving back once they’ve established their own careers in the future.

This year a record total of $247,000 in scholarship support has been provided to students at the College.

The following scholarships were given to the following recipients during the event:

Alumni Scholarships

Presented by: Dr. Denise Whittam, President, Alumni Association

Richard Chu (Class of 2017)             

Teresa Nguyen (Class of 2017)             

Alumni Memorial Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Whittam

Rima Bakhru   (Class of 2015)                                     

Scott Tasker Folsom Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. David A. Heath, President, SUNY College of Optometry

Christine Corrente (Class of 2015)             

Kenneth Wenthen  (Class of 2015)             

Rania Hallal (Class of 2015)             

NYSOA Scholarship Dr. Alden Haffner Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Ida Chung, Section Chief of Pediatrics

Rima Bakhru (Class of 2015) 

Chelsea Ashlaw (Class of 2015) 

NJOA Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Kristen Fry, President, NJ Chapter of the American Academy of Optometry

Jennifer Turturea (Class of 2017)      

Dr. Nathan and Laura Millman Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Heath

Brittney Gewolb (Class of 2016)                

Ellen McCrary (Class of 2016)             

Matt Siu (Class of 2016)                

Brenda Liang (Class of 2016) 

Dr. Jerome Weiss Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Richard Soden, Vice President for Clinical Affairs

Jeremy Whitney (Class of 2014)             

Jeff White Memorial Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Heath          

Colleen Dye (Class of 2014)

Dr. Harold Solan Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Neera Kapoor, Chief Vision Rehabilitation Services

Danielle Kalberer (Class of 2014)

Harold M. Spielman Scholarship

Presented by: Mr. Harold Spielman, OCNY Trustee

Raul Daniels (Class of 2017) 

Barbara Saltzman Scholarship

Presented by: Ms. Barbara Saltzman, OCNY Trustee

Jenna Salner (Class of 2016) 

Dennis and Lesley Gehr Scholarship

Presented by: Lesley and Dennis Gehr, OCNY Trustee

Marina Davydova (Class of 2017) 

Dr. Sanford and Claire Levy Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. David Troilo, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs

Chelsea Ashlaw (Class of 2015) 

Tea Avdic (Class of 2016) 

Christine Morra (Class of 2016) 

Luxottica Scholarship

Presented by: Dr. Troilo

Tyler Maxon (Class of 2015)

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