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October 7, 2013

SUNY Launches Inaugural Externship Expo

Last month SUNY Optometry’s Career Development Center hosted the inaugural Annual Externship Expo. The Expo is designed to allow third year OD students the opportunity to become better acquainted with the externship opportunities that will be available to them as fourth year students and provide them with a closer look at the various modes of practice once they graduate.

“Externship experiences are paramount to a students’ career trajectory as those experiences may influence a students’ practice philosophy, mode of practice to seek and whether to pursue residency training,” said Francisco Lucio, SUNY Optometry’s director of career development and minority enrichment. “The Externship Expo gave students the opportunity to make a better informed decision regarding which externship sites to pursue.”

As part of the Expo, externship site doctors had the opportunity to attend a continuing education luncheon led by SUNY faculty members Dr. Patricia Modica and Dr. Richard Madonna. Students attended a networking presentation led by Mr. Lucio. The half-day event ended with a reception.

"This was a great opportunity for our students to meet lots of our adjunct faculty members in a short period of time.  As a result, they were able to identify sites that would be most beneficial to their continued development as clinicians and professionals," said Dr. Modica.

The Expo featured 16 externship sites including: East New York, VA Boston, VA Hudson Valley, VA Lyons in New Jersey, VA North Port, VA Southern Arizona Tucson, VA West Haven, CT, Eye Care Unlimited, Ezra Medical Center, Fromer Eye Centers, Keller Army Hospital and New York Vision Group

The Expo was attended by 65 students from the Class of 2015.

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