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March 12, 2014

SUNY Optometry Ready to Imagine Tomorrow at the Third Annual Career Symposium

Registration is now open for the SUNY College of Optometry’s 3rd Annual Career Symposium: Imagine Tomorrow which will take place on Sunday, April 6. The focus of this year’s events, which is hosted by the College’s Career Development Center, is squarely placed on the future of optometry and what current and future optometrists will need to be aware of as they build their careers in the years ahead.

“Of course nobody can predict the future with absolute certainty,” says Mr. Francisco Lucio, SUNY Optometry’s director of career development, “but it’s abundantly clear that the health care world domestically and internationally is changing very rapidly at the moment and we want to ensure that our SUNY community is as prepared as they can be for what is to come.”

The day-long event, which will take place at the College, includes a discussion with a panel of experts on emerging technologies and how to prepare for their potential implementation in the future. The topic of team-based care and what optometrists will need to do in order to succeed in this increasingly prevalent practice model will also be tackled, as well as issues of employability and what future optometrists will need to do now in order to be competitive candidates for the jobs of the future. The Symposium will also examine non-traditional employment opportunities for optometrists with a panel that includes three ODs who found different ways to incorporate their unique passion into their professional careers.

With globalization continuing to play a prominent role in all sectors of society, including health care, the Career Symposium will address it head on with a session on global optometry that will provide key insights on the inner-workings of vision care in China, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, the keynote address at the event will be delivered by Dr. Jason Singh, the executive director of OneSight, a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating the global vision crisis through access for all. Dr. Singh will tell his inspiring story about providing critical care around the globe and give a glimpse into the future of vision care for the world’s neediest people.

“Our previous two Symposiums were very successful,” Mr. Lucio says, “and we’re really excited and proud to be gathering together another collection of experts to address these absolutely critical topics for the SUNY Optometry community.”

Preparing students, residents and alumni for successful, fulfilling careers is a key initiative for the College. “Our students and residents receive an outstanding education at the College,” Mr. Lucio says. “And the Annual Career Symposium is a great companion to that high-quality education by helping to inform them about what lies ahead for their careers.”


To see the complete program and to register for the 3rd Annual Career Symposium: Imagine Tomorrow on Sunday, April 6 click here (registration is FREE but required to attend)