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September 14, 2012

SUNY Optometry Welcomes the Class of 2-16

On august 16th and 17th, SUNY Optometry welcomed the Class of 2016 to the College's professional (OD) program and to New York City.  The Class has an enrollment of 88 students consisting of 65 female and 23 male students.  The average undergraduate GPA is 3.53 with the average total science OAT score being 346.

President Heath began the two-day orientation program with a warm welcome to the students and congratulations on their entrance to SUNY Optometry and to the profession of optometry.  He noted ..."You are entering a profession that is challenging, satisfying and dynamic.  By the time you graduate in four years, the profession will have changed and grown in remarkable ways."  Dr. Philpott, Vice President for Student Affairs, reassured them that they ahd come to a welcoming organization and explained that ..."Each one of you has been carefully selected by our Admissions Committee and [thus] we fully expect each one of you to be successful.....and in the profession of optometry".